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Portable 2x2 Weave Poles
   Brand New!   

Portable Version

If you have limited storage space in your home or a small vehicle to transport your dog and dog training equipment in, than this version of 2x2 weave poles is just the thing for you.

Easy to pack in your car for easy transport.

Less expensive to ship than solid base 2x2’s.

UPS rates are not only dependent upon the weight of the product but also the size of the box used. As a result, the rate UPS charges when we ship solid bases are high. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about that rate. Hence the development of out latest product,
2x2 portable weave poles.

This new design allows us to ship the bases in a significantly smaller box thus lowering the shipping costs.

If you live overseas and want us to ship 2x2 bases outside the continental United States the 2x2 portable weave poles is your answer to affordable shipping.

Instead of the solid, difficult to transport 2x2 bases, these bases breakdown into individual pieces. They easily screw together in seconds to form the assembled version you see above to the right. No tools required!

Once assembled, our portable 2x2 Weave Poles
meet the exact configuration that Susan Garrett, the developer
of this wonderful method of training weave poles, recommends.

The bases are made of 3/16” thick, 1½” wide steel, with 20" between poles to emphasize the zigzag motion during training. If other spacing such as 24" between poles is desired just put that in the comment section of your order. The bases have 4 counter sunk holes so that the spikes used to secure the poles are flush to the bases.

The bases come in black, blue, brown, green, red and white.

Poles are available with either blue or red stripes

1 base which includes 2 poles is $54.95 plus shipping/handling.

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 Now Available !!!!! 
Susan Garrett's DVD
"2x2 Weave Training"

I am thrilled to announce that the long awaited
Susan Garrett 2x2 weave pole
DVD - 2 Disc Set

Is now available for purchase at NoseTouch.com

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Susan has won multiple world and national championships with various breeds of dogs in various jump heights. Susan's 2x2 weave pole method has created fast weaving dogs of all breeds from minis to maxis.

This DVD Set will have all the info you will need to turn your dog
into a weaving machine!!!

Click on the link below to see a preview of the DVD.
Susan Garrett 2x2 Weave Pole DVD Promo
Susan Garrett 2x2 Weave Pole DVD Promo

Be sure to purchase your 2x2 Weave Poles. The 2x2 method can not be successfully taught without the proper equipment. The actual 2x2 weave poles bases are integral to the success of this methodology.

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