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Treats & Chews
Kukur Chews

Give your dog the ultimate chewing experience with
Kukur Yak Milk dog chews.
It is long lasting and may even last longer than bully sticks! Packed with flavor, carefully crafted with ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years to create a hard cheese product. Kukur are all natural, will not splinter or have a foul smell. They are grain-free, gluten-free, and contain no preservatives or chemicals.
Kukur Puja is the “Festival of Dogs” in Nepal where it is believed that the dog has special powers. During the festival, dogs are treated with a sort of reverence you might reserve for a god. They are adorned in flowers and vegetable powders and offered treats and food, such as these chews, to celebrate and honor the bond between humans and dogs!

Kukur chews help support farm families in Nepal.

(1) Kukur Chew is approximately 6" and 3.5 oz.

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Charki-O Hip & Joint Dog Chews (8-9”)

Charki-O’s are loaded with natural, stable Glucosamine & Chondroiten Sulphate with GAG’s intact. They are 100% USA natural beef tracheas, coated in liver sauce then slow roasted to a tasty, healthy chew for dogs. Dogs go crazy for them!
Charki comes from the 16th century Quechuan language of the Incas meaning dried meat. It was the first known word for jerky. If dogs could ask for them by name, we are sure they would!

Main Ingredients:

USA Natural Beef Trachea, USA Natural Beef Liver.

Each chew is approximately 9"
and is $6.95

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Joint Dog Chews
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Freeze Dried Sliced Chicken Hearts

Sliced Chicken Hearts are a healthy snack for both dogs and cats. Made from human-quality USDA meats, these treats contain the nutrition and flavor of raw meat, yet there’s no need for refrigeration.

Use this convenient treat as a training treat or between-meal snack. They are very easy to break into smaller pieces and do not crumble. You can reconstitute by soaking in a dish of tepid water and use as a savory meal topper. Since they are simply raw meat, you can also use it as a meal replacement when boarding or traveling.
A great source of B vitamins along with iron and zinc. They are grain-free, gluten-free, and proudly made in the USA !
Each box of Sliced Chicken Hearts is 4 oz. and is $11.95

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BUBA Chews
Water Buffalo Horn
Free Range/Grass Fed

NO Preservatives, additives, antibiotics, hormones, fillers.
NO Glycerins, Glutens

These chews are extremely tough and are great for aggressive chewers.

6-10 oz.


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