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Teeter "Teach It!"

Introducing our latest agility training device, the…….
Teeter “Teach It!”

Teeter “Teach It!”
(Pictured above is Teeter "Teach It!" with large dog feeding tray)

The Teeter “Teach It!” will help your dog master the teeter in no time flat! Designed to teach your dog to run independently to the end of the teeter with confidence and speed no matter the position of the handler.

The Teeter “Teach It!” comes complete with base, (3) pairs of different size pvc uprights, 14 inches, 28 inches and 42 inches, along with a stainless steel cross bar that stops the teeter from dropping to the ground at any height you desire.

(Pictured above is Teeter "Teach It!" with large dog feeding tray)

Optional Feeding Tray Accessory
The feeding tray is an optional accessory that comes in 2 different sizes, 1 that sits flush to the horizontal bar of the Teeter "Teach It!" that is recommended for large dogs and 1 that sits about 2 inches higher than the horizontal bar of the Teeter "Teach It!" for small/medium dogs.

Small/Medium Dog Feeding Tray

Small/Medium Dog Feeding Tray
on Horizontal Bar of Teeter "Teach It!"


The optional feeding tray enables rewarding the dog even though the handler may not be next to the dog.

The feeding tray affixes easily to the stainless steel cross bar.

When the dog steps onto the teeter he cannot see the feeding tray assisting in developing an entirely independent behavior.

Large Dog Feeding Tray

Large Dog Feeding Tray
on Horizontal Bar of Teeter "Teach It!"

So, how does it work?

Simply select the size upright you want to use for your dog, place into the base and securely screw the crossbar onto the uprights at your desired height. If using the feeding tray, clip the tray assembly to the center of the horizontal bar and put your dogs favorite treat on it. Place the Teeter “Teach It!” at the very end of the teeter so that the very end of the teeter hits the horizontal bar. Once you see the dog running confidently you can then change the height of the cross bar increasing the tip at whatever increments you want. Quarter inch, half inch, 1, 2, 8 inches, etc., the height can be changed as you see fit.

To change the cross bar height you simply unscrew the ends of the cross bar, slide to the desired height and then screw back tightly. As you reach lower heights, replace the upright bars to the mid-height pair and then the shortest pair of uprights, so the upright bars are not in the sight line of your dog’s vision making it very easy to fade the Teeter “Teach It!”


 This picture above
is from the dogs viewpoint.

The Teeter “Teach It!”
is at the end of the seesaw.
Note that the dog doesn’t see it.

Watch the video for a demonstration
of the use of the Teeter “Teach It!”
(click the image or link below)


Large Dog Feeding Tray
$29.99 plus shipping/handling

Small/Medium Dog Feeding Tray
$34.99 plus shipping/handling

Teeter “Teach It!”
$199.99 plus shipping & handling

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