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“The first product that actually flies off the shelf”
-Amy – Show Me The Biscuit

“I can’t picture life without PAWZ…..thank you again for providing the pet community with the safest, best dog boot ever.” - Anita

“These are the best ever. My dog used to hop on three (or try on two) feet because of salt
on the sidewalks and streets. We’ve also had lots of near zero temperatures this year and
her feet would freeze. I’ve tried many other types of boots and she always managed to
remove them before we reached the sidewalk. The only option was carrying her-she could
not walk in these conditions. Fortunately she is only 17 pounds, but carrying her did negate
the purpose of our “walk”. I came across your booties via the website and ordered them.
We are amazed – she not only keeps them on, but actually frolics around in them! And
they totally protect her feet – no more salt burns or cracked bleeding paws. Thank you
from Mitzi (and all the other dogs in cold climates) to the dog loving genius who conceived
of these amazing PAWZ boots. They have eliminated her pain and allowed her to act like a
dog in the cold weather. What more could anyone ask?” - Vivian & Mitzi

“Well, today marks the third day my IG’s used your booties on our morning 5-miler
(on cement and asphalt in downtown Chicago) and other than being a bit dirty from the streets,
they are as good as new. Those little things are like Kryptonite. I am impressed.
Your booties keep my dogs feet nice and dry – no where near as cold, wet and red as they would be without PAWZ. - Laura

“Thanks!! These are the greatest product ever. I have a Jack Russell who has NEVER let
me put anything on his feet…the temp has been below zero here all week and I was forced
to put the PAWZ on him. He totally Tolerated them and we’ve been able to go on walks in
this frigid weather. Without them he lasts about 2 minutes! This is a dog who needs his
walks so the PAWZ saved my life!! I told everyone at agility class about them.
Thank you, thank you!!” - Jane

“We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the disposable booties! Edgar (the Basset Hound)
accepts the boots. They are the best…easiest.” - Lisa

“My customer Nomi’s dog’s paw was injured and had to have surgery to remove (2) pads
from her paw. Because of this, it’s imperative that her dog always have a PAWZ boot on
when they go outside. Please ship me my order ASAP (Nomi is a product expert now, and
you can use her for product testing?” - Angela

“I bought PAWZ before we had snow here in New York, but they came in handy when
my husband trimmed one our dogs Maggie’s nails too short and it was bleeding.
Ouch, so when we took her out for walks we used PAWZ to cover her paws
to keep her cut clean. We did this for a few days until the cut healed.
I bought them to protect her paws from the harmful salt and
chemicals that are spread all over the place at the first report of snow,
but I’m glad I had them for a cover-up to.” - Laura

“Hi. I just bought your dog boots at Natural Pet in NYC. They are AMAZING. What a
great product. I saw them at the Chicago trade Show but did not buy any.
My mistake. I need to stock up on these little wonders.” - D.C. Patrone

“We are still loving our PAWZ dog boots for our dog Benny. I am amazed how the boots stay on….Benny just loves them and goes romping in the snow….another woman that we met in town said her dog wears them also and seems to get “energized” when he puts them on….
I would agree…Benny didn’t start running in the snow until he had his PAWZ on.”
Thanks again… - Anita

“My best friend Champ is a German Shepherd that lost a leg in an accident. He can do
very well doing just about everything a dog needs to do. I bought PAWZ to protect his
paws from the ice, salt and chemicals. They come in a package of (12), so most dogs have
three sets of boots but Champ has four sets…he loves them and I got a bargain.”
- Anonymous

“We have a 13 ½ year old Golden Retriever with degenerative myleopathy. His hind end is
getting very weak and he has a lot of trouble getting up and walking on our ceramic and
hardwood floors. We picked up a package of PAWZ to see if they would help him grip on the floor. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! As soon as they were on, he got up without difficulty and was able to walk anywhere in the house he wanted! He definitely had a happy look on his face. They’re so easy to put on and take off, and they don’t fall off regardless of how hard he pushes to get up or how many times he steps on his own feet. PAWZ have definitely made a huge difference in his quality of life. We know he doesn’t have a lot of time left, but being able to get up on his own and walk around with out
his feet sliding out from under him makes a huge difference.” Thank you! - Brad

“THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for an amazing product. We have tried every dog boot
on planet earth and despite the claims that they “stay on” they didn’t….we almost gave up,
but found your PAWZ at a local pet boutique – your boots ROCK! Good Luck. Keep up
the wonderful work and you must stay in business forever…
the pets of the world need you.” - Anita

“I just wanted to say that my dog Penny, tried PAWZ for the first time today on the salty
sidewalks and she required NO practice or acclimation. They stayed on perfectly and kept her little feet dry and salt-free. They didn’t seem to bother her at all. I’ve tried other boots and she hated them and they were constantly falling off. PAWZ are genius…
I wish we had them last winter!” - Emily and Penny

“I’ve tried every type of boot on my dog and she rejects them all. I sell a lot of PAWZ in
my shop so I decided to try them on Sophie….what a shock…they were light weight, easy
to put on and flexible, she went strutting around the store like she was on a fashion
runway…no wonder so many customers come back for more” - Chris, Pet shop Owner

“The PAWZ are awesome. I have already directed a few dog park people to your web-site.
Hazel was the hit of the park the other night in her beautiful purple PAWZ.
Thank you so much” - David

“Since we received your boots, we put them on our three dogs (Jack Russell Terrier) and
have conducted some tests on them. When we tried some other boots before, our dogs
could not walk at all and just stood still. But with your boots, they forgot that they are
wearing the boots and walk around as usual. The boots never get off from their feet even
when they are running hard. I can tell this is a very simple, natural product and no harm
for dog’s health, which we think is wonderful.” - Chiba – JAPAN

“These boots are great; I’m telling everyone about them.
I even bought a pair for my friend in Florida for her Bichon.” - Norma

“We’ve been using PAWZ as a medical cover-up since I discovered them. They keep the
gauze bandage clean and dry and the dogs find them comfortable.
Having many sizes gives me many options. Such a simple good idea.”
- Dr. Kuhlman, Veterinarian

“You guys are the bomb!!! Yesterday, my little Yorkie, Sadie Louise was biting at her paws….she has allergies and chews on her paws regularly, only this time, she made one of them raw and a little bloody. I cleaned up her paw. I went to Cause for Paws pet store and asked if they had socks for dogs…when the owner asked WHY … she showed me PAWZ. I think these things are brilliant. Ms. Sadie cannot get the PAWZ off. I called my VET and told her all about the product. She said, “I will bet whoever invented these will make millions…” I hope you do. I have plans to share them with every “dog’ person we know…and we know lots of “dog” people….most of whom are as nuts about their dog as we are.
Good luck to you…. this product is awesome. I only wish I found these sooner.” - Jody & Sadie

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