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"Hit It!" Board

The "Hit It!" Board is an affordable, easy to use, instant feedback training tool that let's you teach your dog to adjust its stride to get into that sometimes elusive
contact zone. Rather than try to time your clicks with your dog's actions, the
"Hit It!" Board
automatically detects when your dog steps on the contact and provides the feedback for you with a simple, pleasant tone. No more missed or late clicks to confuse your dog!

 The "Hit It!" Board is the most consistent, reliable, and simple dog training device on the market to teach running contacts.

The "Hit It!" Board is made of aluminum painted bright yellow with a sanded non-skid finish. The battery pack is 3"W x 6"L x 2 1/8". Available in the standard size of 10" X 12" which will fit most dogwalks as well as larger custom sizes to fit
a-frames (shown below).


Want to wean from the audible tone? No problem! An optional light box accessory is available. The "Hit It!"
Light Box
will light and stays lit for several seconds. This will enable you to see it even if you are running at full speed along with your dog. The light box will then automatically reset so you can use it again and again without interruption.

Click on the "Hit It!" Logo below to watch a youtube video
and see the “Hit It!” Board in action.

The standard
"Hit It !" Board
retails for
$149.95 Plus Shipping & Handling.
The larger custom size
"Hit It !" Board
retails for
$219.95 Plus Shipping & Handling.
Both come complete with the "Hit It !" Board and Audibile Box.

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"Hit It !" Board
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Watch 5-time U.S.A. world team member Elicia Calhoun
at the 2006 AKC World Team tryouts demonstrating awesome running dogwalk
and a-frame contacts with her dog Nika.
These behaviors were trained using the "Hit It!" Board.

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