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The "Hit It!" Board and the "Touch It!" are the inventions of a joint partnership between
Mary Lou Hanlon and Jim Burnett.

An agility enthusiast for a decade, Mary Lou Hanlon owns a Golden Retriever named Ginger, and two Border Collies, Snap and Wizard. Ginger, Mary Lou’s first performance dog was the first female dog of any breed to go from Novice A to earning both her MACH and OTCH. Winner of several Dog World awards, Ginger, now twelve is retired from performing. Her current full-time occupation is overseeing the two Border Collies. Ginger feels that excelling at being the "Fun Police" is a demanding job and she deserves to be rewarded with cookies constantly!

Snap, now 4 years old, is 1 Jumpers leg short of her ADCH and well on her way to her MACH. Snap was a Grand Prix semi-finalist in both 2004 & 2005, as well as a finalist in the AKC 2004 World Team tryouts.

Wizard, aka Motion Potion, is Mary Lou’s latest family member. Only 9 months old, Wizard is learning the importance of stationary positions and currently earns most of his cookies for being still, something that does not come natural to him!

Mary Lou teaches all different levels of dog training in Warren, New Jersey. Jim first met Mary Lou when he called her up for dog training lessons. A resident of Bridgewater, New Jersey, Jim has been an animal lover/owner all his life but never had a performance dog. Audrey, his beloved Cairn terrier will be making her agility debut in 2006.

After several lessons Mary Lou recognized Jim’s commitment to his animals as well as his knowledge and creativity. With the growing interest in teaching running contacts as well as the training challenges they represent, Mary Lou presented Jim with her idea for the development of a training device. Jim agreed with the need for such a device, the two shook hands and the rest is history.

The "Hit It!" Board took about a year to develop. It went thru many revisions and was crash tested on many different breeds. Especially instrumental in the testing of the product was the Say Yes dog training school in Ontario, Canada owned and operated by internationally renowned dog trainer Susan Garrett. (www.clickerdogs.com)

Susan Garrett is the developer of the widely acclaimed 2 on 2 off nose touch contact training method. The nose touch portion of this training methodology is critical to its success. Often times teaching the nose touch is a mechanical challenge for many trainers.
Jim and Mary Lou put their heads together to develop their second positive electronic dog training device which is now known as the "Touch It!" to aid trainers to meet this challenge.

Both the "Hit It!" Board and the "Touch It!" are a part of both Clean Run, (www.cleanrun.com) and Max 200, (www.max200.com) product offerings. Both products have been sold to many dog agility enthusiasts in the U.S.A. including many top trainers and prior world team members. They have also been sold to trainers in Europe & Australia.

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