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"Tug It!"

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Tired of trying endless ways to teach your dog the wonderful game of tug? The "Tug It!" will help make this process both fun and easy for you and your Fido.
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The "Tug It!" is made of a strong nylon/polyester mesh. It has a velcro closure and handle. There are 2 different models of the "Tug It!", a starter model that has a more open weave and a more advanced model with a tighter weave. The trainer stuffs the "Tug It!" with an appropriate food. The food should be semi-soft and absolutely irresistible, i.e. hotdogs, hunks of cheese, chicken breast to name a few.

Present the "Tug It!" to the dog. The dog will begin to sniff and lick it. Soon the dog will start to mouth the "Tug It!". As it does, the dog will start to get some food reinforcement. The result is that the act of mouthing is immediately paired with the primary reinforcer, food. Once the dog starts to mouth the "Tug It!" gently grasp the handle and start to exert some tugging pressure away from the dog. The dog will start to mouth the "Tug It!" harder to ensure it doesn't go away. The harder the dog mouths the "Tug It!" the more food reinforcement the dog gets therefore the act of tugging harder gets immediately paired with the food. This results in making the tugging behavior stronger.

The "Tug It!" will have most dogs tugging quickly. Keep in mind that the "Tug It!" is a tug training device NOT a chew toy. The intention of the "Tug It!" is to teach the dog to tug and then transition this behavior to other more traditional tug toys.

The "Tug It!" retails for $14.95 plus shipping and handling or buy 2 for $25.95 plus shipping and handling.

If Ordering 2 "Tug It!" products, make sure to choose appropriate combo option to take advantage of discount.

Starter version "Tug It!" for those dogs that do not have any tugging behavior at all.

Advanced version "Tug It!" for those dogs that have some tugging behavior already that you want to enhance.

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