'Tug It!' 2

"Tug It!" 2

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Tired of trying endless ways to teach your dog the wonderful game of tug? The "Tug It!"2 will help make this process both fun and easy for you and your Fido.
Part Number: Tug It-2
The “Tug’It!”2 is the first ever training device that incorporates the wonderful chenille that dogs adore along with the ability to dispense food

 The base of the “Tug It!”2  is made of  the same sturdy mesh the advanced “Tug It!” is made of.  Fringe chenille, the same fabric used in the “Squiggle It!” which dogs find irresistible, covers three quarters of the mesh.  The uncovered mesh at the bottom of the “Tug It!”2 allows food to be delivered to the dog thru the mesh just like our wildly popular “Tug It!”.  The top of the “Tug It!”2 has a strong Velcro closure to make filling easy. 

Just load the “Tug It!”2 with your dogs favorite food.  The dog will not only enjoy the feel of the chenille in its mouth but will also get the added reinforcement of the food which will squeeze out of the mesh every time the dog tugs with you!

Traditional bait bags do not teach your dog to play tug because the dog has to actually let go of the bait bag in order for you to open it up and give it the food.  Now, with every tug, your dog will get the food reinforcement it loves thereby reinforcing the act of tugging.

If you already own a “Tug it!” and are looking to advance your dogs joy of tugging with a more traditional tug toy like the “Squiggle It!”  the “Tug It!”2 is a great way to make this transition.

 Have a dog that already plays tug only in certain circumstances?  The food reinforcement that the dog gets when tugging using the  “Tug It!”2 will  help generalize the tugging behavior.

 The “Tug It!”2 measures approximately 7 ½” x 3 ½” and has a strong nylon handle that is 8 ½” long.  It comes in a variety of colors.  Let us choose for you.

 $19.95 each plus shipping/handling

Get your dog a “Tug It!”2 and let the tugging begin!

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