The “It!" products!" are the inventions of a joint partnership between
Mary Lou Hanlon and Jim Burnett.

Mary Lou Hanlon has been training, competing and teaching in the sport of dogs since the early 1990’s.  Her dogs have competed throughout the US and Europe earning many prestigious awards including obedience and agility championships, Dog World awards, has been a national finalist in both AKC, USDAA and UKI national events and has won the Canadian National Steeplechase.

She has shared her passion and knowledge with many dog training students over the years.  During her time as a dog trainer Mary Lou became very familiar with the challenges that many agility competitors face when teaching some of the complex behaviors related to dog agility.  She started to devout time coming up with some ideas to make the training of these behaviors easier.

Jim Burnett first met Mary Lou when he called her up for dog training lessons for his Cairn terrier, Audrey. A resident of Bridgewater, New Jersey, Jim has been an animal lover/owner all his life but never taught dog agility behaviors.  After several lessons Mary Lou recognized Jim’s commitment to his animals as well as his knowledge and creativity.  Mary Lou presented Jim with her idea for the development of a training device that would help teach running contacts. Jim agreed with the need for such a device, the two shook hands and the rest is history.

Over the years, Mary Lou and Jim have continued to develop and manufacture training devices to teach a myriad of behaviors.  These include tugging, using the “Tug It!”, "Squiggle It!", stopped contacts with the “Touch It!” device, running contacts with the “Hit It” board, and skills needed to successfully perform the seesaw using the Teeter "Teach It!”. They have also developed a product to enable one person to move an A-frame without any lifting called the “Move It!”

Manufacturing takes place in Bridgewater, NJ and products are shipped worldwide.  The “It!” products are used by many top agility trainers, instructors, world team members and seminar presenters throughout the world!

Mary Lou and Jim are thrilled that their collaboration has helped thousands of dogs and their owners/trainers in their journey together whether having fun in their backyard playing together or competing on the world agility stage!